Why Coldwell Banker

Why Coldwell Banker

Why Coldwell Banker? Ask Our Agents

Coldwell Banker First Equity Realtors, is a business changer for me.  I have been so fortunate to be associated with so many great mentors in the business of real estate.  Honesty and integrity is the core value of this office.  You will never be able to calculate honesty and integrity into a formula for commissions.  It will not add up without it.

The education that I have received from Coldwell Banker First Equity Realtors has created a real sense of self confidence. That self confidence turns into better service for my customers and clients.  The professional atmosphere was apparent to me from the first day.  The support, from staff and my fellow Realtors is a true asset.  Cutting edge technology, training, and the general attitude of "being the best" makes the difference for me, as well as my clients.  It just feels good to know you are in the "RIGHT PLACE".Doug Srader, ABR, CRS, GRI, SRES


As a new Realtor in 1995, I began in a small office.  Although I was off to a successful career, after a few short years I realized I needed the support offered by a larger firm.  By that time I knew the Top Notch quality offered by Coldwell Banker First Equity, Realtors through its integrity, client service, first-class leadership and outstanding agents.  Coldwell Banker was the office to "look to" in every aspect.  There was no doubt in my mind once I decided to move, where I wanted to go!  After 17 years of being blessed to be a member of the Coldwell Banker First Equity office, I can say becoming a member here was the BEST business decision I have ever made.  I invite anyone to visit with me anytime if they are considering getting a Real Estate license or making a move to our office. Cindy Whitfield, Realtor


I started my career with Coldwell Banker First Equity 24 years ago and I was as green as they come. I had no experience in Real Estate or any sales experience for that matter. The training and support I received here has given me the tools, knowledge and confidence needed to succeed in this business. A full training program is offered in the beginning and 24 years later we still get weekly updates on the market and we are kept updated and trained on all the changes that are constantly happening. We have a full time staff that handles so many details and this makes our job much easier and gives us more time to get out into the field. Any time we have a problem or a question we can always call our sales manager or broker. This company is more than just a place to work, we are a big family and that makes coming to work a pleasure. I have never considered changing to another company. I interviewed several when I started and I knew then and I know now I made the right choice. There is no better place to sell real estate in Amarillo, Texas. Teri Hooper, ABR, CRS, GRI, e-PRO


You often hear, “There’s no place like Home”, and when you walk in the door at Coldwell Banker you feel like you are there. Friendly, professional colleagues and staff who genuinely have you and their clients and customers best interests at heart. Our mantra of “treat your clients like you would your family” exemplifies their strong ethics and integrity which are widely known by their peers and community. Coldwell Banker is always making sure that I am informed on current issues and trained and educated on the cutting edge of technology and the real estate industry. I have always been involved in the community and their continued support of the same and statewide just makes me proud to call Coldwell Banker First Equity “Home”. I know that I will constantly be at my best when surrounded by this great group of Agents. 17 years and counting! Ceila Welsch 


 I was looking for structure when I came to Coldwell Banker First Equity, Realtors. I have not been disappointed in my choice of companies. I feel confident with my knowledge of the market when helping my clients because of the great leadership in our broker, wonderful training, and constant innovative knowledge I receive. I am proud to have my license with this cutting edge company. If you are new in the real estate industry and looking for a broker or thinking of a change I would be glad to visit with you about Coldwell Banker First Equity, Realtors. It is a great place to do business with many wonderful people. Twila Baldwin


Having joined the Coldwell Banker team in 1998, I knew I had found the right company in order to be successful in my career.   The support, training and tools which every agent receives at Coldwell is unmatched. A caring staff and highly trained managerial team have answered every question and been behind me through 20 years of business transactions. As technology has changed, the company continues to be on the front line of staying current with helpful tools we use every day. An individual looking for a strong, respected company with all the help available to have a successful career need look no further!! Shanny Dow, Coldwell Banker First Equity, Realtors


Expect the Best…

When I received my real estate license, I looked for a broker with a great reputation and an education training program. I found both at Coldwell Banker First Equity, Realtors. I also found much more. This is a wonderful place to work with a fabulous support staff, beautiful and convenient office space, professional co-workers, and broker/owners with high standards. The BEST real estate office for my career and success.  Mindy Jackson, working for you from sign up to sign down.


 Coldwell Banker First Equity Realtors is the most amazing place to work! The brokers and sales manager are always on top of the latest trends in the industry and continually impress us with their expertise. Having an experienced support staff allows us to be more efficient and able to focus on our client’s needs. The technology aspect and the market knowledge we receive is second to none. With such a beautiful and well-maintained professional office, we feel right at home as do our clients. I feel so blessed to be a part of the Coldwell Banker family! If you are serious about a lucrative Real Estate career in Amarillo, this is the place to be!!! Misty Taylor, Realtor ABR, CRS, GRI, SFR, TAHS


If you want to join a team that will encourage you, train you and generally do everything they can do to help you to be the best you can be; then Coldwell Banker First Equity Realtors is the place. There is only one way to do this job and that is “the right way”. The company always does what is best for the customer and the rest seems to take care of itself. Truthfully, one of the main reasons I like this particular agency is the support you get from your direct manager; all the way to the owners of the company. Each one of the owners has the integrity that I am looking for in a business. In the 15 years I have worked for this company, there have been very few to move anywhere else. That, in itself, says that the company treats its agents with respect and it does everything it can do to make you a success. I am proud to work for this company and would encourage anyone, whether they be a new agent or an agent that has been in the business a long time to consider Coldwell Banker First Equity, Realtors. You will not find a better place to work. Rod Saylor, Coldwell Banker First Equity, Realtors


In 1995, I became an independent contractor at Coldwell Banker First Equity, Realtors, because the broker/owner and sales manager are not my competitors. They never list or sell property but are there to give support, educate, manage risk, and provide encouragement. The broker thinks of ways to save agents time and effort so we can do our jobs professionally by providing support staff who do the tedious tasks (professional photography, yard sign installation, MLS data entry, relocation department, and coordination of advertising and marketing). I cannot praise the support staff enough…the wind beneath my wings. Working in an evolving profession and challenging market, it is comforting to know that my broker is watching out for his agents.

 Coldwell Banker is an internationally recognized brand which compliments my marketing efforts, but the local franchise has “hometown” pride and involvement. I specialize in residential real estate but I love the fact we have an active commercial real estate department that keeps me in the loop about projects and developments in the area. The company keeps me abreast of cutting edge technology, but always emphasizes service to my clients, focus on my sphere of influence, strong relationships, and integrity as the way to build my business. These are just some of the reasons I choose to work at the most professional brokerage in the area.  Cathy Bailey ABR, CRS, GRI

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