Pricing Your Home

Pricing Your Home

How Buyers See Your Property

In understanding the market value of your property, we must deal with some factors that we have no control over

Physical qualities of your home

  • Location
  • Age
  • Size of house and lot
  • Floor plan and architectural style

The Competition

  • The number of similar properties for sale
  • Their prices, financing terms, location and physical condition.

Market Conditions

  • Interest rates and availability of financing
  • Buyer demand
  • Prices of recently sold properties
  • State of the economy
  • Seasonal Demand

Factors that have no effect on the value of your home

  • What you originally paid for your home
  • Needed proceeds
  • What a neighbor thinks your home is worth
  • Tax appraisal

Positioning Your Property in the Market

Properly positioned homes will attract attention among Buyers and Agents that will generate showings and offers.

Factors you can control that directly effect positioning your home to sell.

  • Condition of your home
  • Price of your home
  • Making your home accessible to Buyers
  • Choosing the best Company and Agent to expose your home to prospective Buyers

An Important Message About The Value Of Your House

The price of your house must attract enough attention among buyers and brokers to generate showings and offers

Market Value

  • Your house has many values to the tax assessor, your lender and insurance company, and to you. It also has what's called "market value" to prospective buyers.
  • The best price obtainable can only be determined by testing the market and challenging the competition. In the end, the market dictates the value based on current conditions, number of home Buyers, etc.

Competitive Market Analysis

To help determine a price for your home, a Competitive Market Analysis is included in your customized Marketing Action Plan. Buyers do "comparison shopping" and the Competitive Market Analysis focuses on properties on the market competing for buyer attention.

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