Is Real Estate For You

Is Real Estate For You

Is Real Estate For You?

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Circle the number after each statement that best indicates the accuracy of the statement as it pertains to you. Five (5) meaning highly accurate and one (1) meaning completely inaccurate.

1. I am looking for a long term career.

2. I am willing to work long hours and weekends.

3. I am a self-starter and enthusiastic about running my own business.

4. I have the financial stability to start this business.

5. I have a good sphere of influence and am visible in the community

6. I am willing to invest time and effort now to gain income later.

7. I enjoy meeting and interacting with all kinds of different people.

8. My family is prepared to tolerate and actually support my long, irregular hours.

9. I welcome the opportunity to exercise direct control over my income.

10. I am willing to contact people in my sphere of influence daily.

11. I am willing to become a student of the industry recognizing that school never lets out for professionals.

12. I am responsive to other people and their needs.

13. I manage my time effectively and know how to set priorities and goals.

14. I enjoy making decisions.

15. I am willing to work at odd hours when necessary.

16. I have a high energy level with a lot of physical and emotional stamina.

17. I am an organized person and can manage lots of details.

18. I am able to manage multiple tasks and relationships.

19. I can hear people reject my suggestions and still feel good about myself.

20. I can handle setbacks and solve problems.

21. I present myself with confidence and look professional.

22. I possess good communication skills.

23. I am a good listener.

24. I like the idea of being my own boss, rather than functioning in a structured job situation.

25.I enjoy unpredictability in my work life.

TOTAL SCORE_____________

Add the numbers you have circled. The highest possible total is 125. If you scored at least 90, a real estate career is a distinct possibility for you.

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